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@Barbara Maison

We offers a wide selection of ethically-sourced, high-quality lab-grown diamond jewelry. We offer affordable and sustainable alternatives to mined diamonds, which are virtually identical in terms of their physical and optical properties. Our collection includes a range of styles and designs, including engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, all certified and come with a lifetime warranty.

Friendship Day Sparkle Sale!


Flat 30% off Lab Grown over $3000, free matching metal Moissanite band
Also, 15% flat off on all moissanite products with code BESTIE15

The Barbara Maison Pledge to Excellence:

Elevating brilliance since its inception in 2018, Barbara Maison stands as a beacon of excellence and reliability.
Here's why opting for Barbara Maison means choosing nothing but the best for yourself:

Unmatched Security: Each diamond at Barbara Maison is engraved with a cutting-edge anti-theft laser inscription* on the central stone, ensuring maximum security for your cherished gem.

Supreme Excellence: Our unwavering commitment to perfection drives us to select only the most exceptional diamonds. Furthermore, we use only solid gold, never compromising with plated alternatives.

Tailored Precision: Our thorough 3D scanning procedure guarantees that each gem is impeccably crafted, ensuring a flawless fit customized just for you.

Artful Mastery: Our jewelry represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship, meticulously handcrafted by skilled professional jewelers utilizing advanced CAD design techniques, resulting in timeless works of art.

Luxurious Presentation: Your jewelry arrives in a deluxe, sophisticated box, ensuring that unwrapping your Barbara Maison piece is an unforgettable experience.

Design Sets Us Apart

We're committed offers unique, contemporary and innovative jewelry designs, with a wide range of customization options for truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Our designs are constantly updated to reflect the latest styles and trends, crafted by our experienced designers.

Confused ?

Couldn't found what you are looking for? or You wanted to make One of a Kind Ring? or Do you wanted any customisation in any design? feel free to schedule an appointment with our jewelry expert.