Lifetime Warranty – Barbara Maison

We guarantee that all items purchased from us are free from manufacturing defects. If you believe you’ve discovered a manufacturing defect and we confirm it is in fact a manufacturing defect, we will, at your election i) fully refund you once the item returns to our office and has been deemed eligible for refund after deducting 20% restocking fees for moissanite pieces and 30% restocking fees for lab grown pieces; or ii) repair it free of charge - but that’s not all.

Our Lifetime Warranty

If you believe that your item has a manufacturing defect, let us know. We will help you return it to us for inspection. We will then send the item to our master jeweler - and if we can confirm the manufacturing defect, we’ll repair or replace it for free.


We will not consider the following circumstances as manufacturing defects and they will not be covered by our warranty: 

  • Metal and diamond discoloration caused by chemicals, exposure to heat, or long-term exposure to water. 
  • Normal wear, tear and damage, e.g. micro scratches to metal surfaces.
  • Broken Metal
  • Stones lost due to bent or broken prongs. 
  • Repairs or polishing by third-party jewelers.

Non-Warranty Cases

If we discover that the damage to your item isn’t covered by warranty, we’ll suggest paid repairs and alterations. The paid repair will be at very minimal cost.

Please note: We cannot replace lost center stones. If you find a loose stone in your piece, keep both the stone and ring/wedding band/necklace/other jewelry in a safe box and notify us as soon as possible

Our policies only extend as far as the individual who originally purchased the piece. We do not honor warranties or exchanges with customers from resales.